Feb 19, 2014

Nature Republic Friends Handcream Review

Hello Again!
This time i'm gonna doing a review of  handcream product which is work best for me!


origin : South Korea
bottle height : 6,8 cm
diameter : 5cm 
volume : 30 ml
ingredients :shea butter,mango butter and cacao seed butter
price : about 4.98 USD
 (refer to www.koreadepart.com)

actually  i have no idea why they pick 'FRIENDS' for the naming since the packaging itself portray the image of  various chipmunks.I feel like they should go with something cute naming just like the 'minipet handcream' by The Faceshop or somewhat related to 'chipmunk' to make it more unique lol.

-picture  above credit to  : www.koreadepart.com-

 they got another 3 different type for this hand cream series which is 'baby powder','fruity' and 'floral' but i choose the 'SWEET' one simply because it looks most feminine and girly among others and i just fell in love with the scent !

woot! the mini leaf on the top is just adorable!

turn out that the mini leaf can be used as plugin for your smartphone!

open it and you eventually smell the sweetness
the sweet scent its more like "jelly belly" scent  

"after washing your hand or whenever you feel dry,
apply an appropriate amount to your hand and gently pat for better absorption"
overall ,it moist enough and easy to absorb in your skin

i applied some part in one hand and it turns to be really smooth,
i can even feel the difference compared with my other hand 
seems like it works effective enough especially for you who have a dry skin just like me

with ergonomic design it can even fill in unto your pocket!
very efficient if you bring this along vacation!

plus point : nature friendly 

Rate : 5/5

see you on the next upcoming post ( ^ O ^ )/

Sep 13, 2013

natural feels

hello guysss!
sorry for neglected this blog for almost 4 month .___.
OTL been busy lately with internship,uni stuffs and kpop fangirling life (lol)
please accept my apology ~~

anyway,a while ago i visited Jurong Bird Park in Singapore
it was first time in my life visiting a bird park
the view,atmosphere and environment are really refreshing
tho,it takes long time to reach that place because its located in the corner of Singapore

Addres : 2 Jurong Hill,Singapore 628925
Tel : ( 65) 62650022
E-mail : info.jbp@wrs.com.sg
Web : www.birdpark.com.sg

Ticket Price :
Per  Adult (ticket only) : SGD 20
Per child (13-20 y.o) : SGD 13
( there are also another package of ticket price available in ticket counter)
tho it named Jurong,doesn't mean that it located at Jurong stop
me and my sister got lost in our way before
when we went down to jurong point and ask information guide there,
they said we should stop at Boon Lay instead of Jurong
that makes me confused so why it named as Jurong Bird Park while it not even located at Jurong Stops

anyway ,we did make our way there
although we feel exhausted because of long mrt journey and driven by hunger,
we feel embraced and welcomed by natural feels once we reached there (´▽`)

so here's some shots i got at JBP:

 remind me of faber castell lol~

a nice view of woodland trail~

- Blue floral top+ studded cat ear headband from Diva-

ah! and surprisingly i found my blue floral top is featured on ViVi Malaysia!

okay then,gotta end this post now
i'll see you guys soon!

May 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand + Updated ☆

hiya everyone!
im now a samsung user ^3^
last week i bought Samsung Galaxy Grand White
tho,im a n newbie in android thing and touch screen phone.
fyi,my blackberry recently becomes annoying because the battery keep draining .__.
well,im not so hi-tech person but this time i want to open up my mind.lol

so,yeah,some of you may wonder why i pick galaxy Grand over galaxy S4 which just released
well i have my own reason :
1.the S4 is just released here in my country and it takes time to distribute into the store 
well,i can't wait that long ..kkk
2.i need dual sim phone.oh and thankfully this phone occupied with dual gsm on
3. as a newbie, honestly I don't look much into the feature
.I just need line,kakao and so on to keep contact with my friends

FYI,some of Samsung galaxy grand features are :

-Dimension :143.5 x 76.9 x 9.6 mm (5.65 x 3.03 x 0.38 in)
-Weight : 162 g (5.71 oz)
-Micro SD up to 64 GB
-Android OS : v4.1.2 Jelly Bean
-Camera : 8MP ,AutoFocus,LED flash
2MP in front

hmm..i feel like its more than enough for me ^^ plus the screen size is pretty wide!

ah,once i notice,this phone has no notification indicator light ,

the two circle beside the camera is  ambient light and proximity sensor~
but nvm,im super lovin this phone now!

and finally with this phone i can make an IG account!
(yah i know im so out dated.lol. but better now than never,right?)
so any of you guys who has IG,just follow me here!

and if you guys have any suggestion of what are Android cute app (esp gyaru like) just notify me!
your comment is welcome!

bye bye